Couple arrested for having sex in car, breaching COVID-19 quarantine rules in Milan


A 23-year-old Egyptian man and 40-year-old Tunisian woman have been arrested for having sex in a car in Italy thereby flaunting the country’s strict COVID-19 lock-down measures.

According to news agency ANSA, the pair were accused of ignoring a rule that prohibits two people from being in the front or back of a vehicle together.

People across the whole of Italy are being forced to adhere to the quarantine measures by law.

It is not clear whether the couple will face further action, but authorities have been keeping a wary eye on all road vehicles in order to enforce a ban on travel.

Italians are only allowed outside to buy food, give or receive medical care, or travel to work if absolutely necessary.

Despite the ample opportunities for indoor entertainment, the couple were caught in the act on a road in Mecenate near Milan which has been heavily hit by the outbreak.

Elsewhere, a family who were relaxing on a lawn were ordered to move by police in San Donato Milanese near Milan today.

The region of Lombardy which includes Milan has had the largest number of cases in Italy and hospitals in the northern province are struggling to cope.

The Italian death toll rose by 345 to 2,503.