2023: Why I can’t be running mate to Peter Obi – Kwankwaso


Presidential candidate of New Nigeria People’s Party, NNPP, Rabiu Kwankwaso, has said his party was offering Peter Obi, standard-bearer of Labour Party, LP “a golden opportunity” to be his running mate in 2023 presidential race.

Kwankwaso, who stated this after inaugurating the state office of the NNPP in Gombe State, said if he became the running mate to Obi, the NNPP would collapse insisting that that the South-East would miss a golden opportunity, if the LP candidate was not his running mate in 2023.

He said: “From the discussion with the Labour Party, the main issue was who becomes the president if the parties merge. At the end of the day, some of our representatives thought that there should be a criteria in terms of age, qualification, offices held, performance and so on.

“Of course, the other side wouldn’t want that. Most of the people from there believe that the presidency has to go there. If I decide to be a vice presidential candidate for anybody in this country, NNPP will collapse, because the party is based on what we have built in the last 30 years.

“I served for 17 years as a civil servant; we are talking of 47 years of very serious hard work that is what is rarely holding NNPP now.

“Even if my friend (Peter Obi) wants to accept the vice-presidential candidate, some people in the South-East will not accept, that is not strategic. This is a golden opportunity, if they lose it, it will be a disaster.”

(1) Official NNPPng on Twitter: “Our National Leader and Presidential Candidate, Sen. Dr. Rabiu Musa #Kwankwaso, while commissioning our Gombe State Headquarter today. #NNPP keeps growing and moving forward. Join the struggle to make #Nigeria great. https://t.co/ecOxc1PKPf” / Twitter

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Speaking during his appearance on Channels Television’s Sunday Politics where he was asked who the people of the North would vote for, Kwankwaso said “The northerner voters have made up their minds on what to do; certainly NNPP, nobody can change it”.

Although Kwankwaso said he would not mind the opportunity to become a vice president since he has no job at the moment, he explained the rationale behind contesting the presidential election and a candidate and not a running mate to a south-easterner.

“Unfortunately, there are many issues in the South East, and a northern voter is the worst-hit in this issue of maladministration in this country,” he asserted. “But even under that circumstance, a northern voter also believes that he is better with one united Nigeria.

“Therefore, most of the things that are happening in the South, especially in the South East; people are not comfortable with that and as long as you have somebody from there in any party, it will be very difficult for the northern voters to vote, and that’s the situation now.”