Woman kills husband with ‘Koko shoe’ over infidelity in Delta


The Police in Delta state have arrested a lady for killing her husband with the heel of her shoe accusing him of womanizing in Ugbuwangwe area of Warri South local government area, Delta State.

The deceased, identified as Etsebanghanro Ighomi, was a father of two children, information on his Facebook page suggests.

The woman approached the husband who was said to be a member of the Ugbuwangue community executive where he sat and struck him in the back of his head with a block-heeled shoe.

The husband, spitting out saliva, reportedly fell on the ground immediately and died before he could be rushed to a hospital.

Reacting to the incident, the state Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Onome Onovwakpoyeya said that nobody had come to report the incident to the Police adding that the lady was however arrested for two reasons.

“We arrested her to keep her in protective custody. And then two so that we can find her whenever she is needed”, she said.

“The lady has made some confessions to the Police about the incident. But nobody from the family or around has come to report the matter. So we are going on with the statement of the woman that she didn’t use her shoe on him till we get anything different. The investigation is on”. She said.

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Continuing, she said the remains of the deceased had been deposited in a morgue.

Community sources said “The wife as we call her used the heel of her shoe to hit the husband’s head from the back and he slumped and died. She accused him of extramarital affairs.

“His corpse is in the mortuary now as we speak. And the wife has been arrested”, he added.