Tijjaniyya sect denies Sanusi as leader in Nigeria


The grand world leader (Caliphatul Arrm) Sheikh Mahi Nyass of Dhariqa Tijjaniyya has denied the report of the appointment of the immediate past Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi, as the leader of the sects in Nigeria.

Mahi Nyass, who is the son and Vicegerent (Calipha) of Shehu Ibrahim Nyass, the reformer of Dhariqa Tijjaniyya, revealed this during a press interaction with newsmen in Sokoto on Monday.

Nyass, however, explained that the installation of Nigeria and African leadership of Dhariwa Tijjaniyya (Calipha) was an activity that must be subjected to scrutiny and nomination from scholars in the sect both in Nigeria and Senegal.

“Such decisions have to be discussed at different fora, agreement must be reached before the announcement.

“After nomination by leaders, a letter of credence endorsed by group of scholars, duly signed and stamped by grand world leader (Caliphatul Arrm) must be presented to the person appointed,” Nyass explained.

He noted that in the present situation with former Emir Sanusi II, such modalities have not been conducted and Sanusi II has not presented himself or indicated interest in the seat of African leadership of Dhariqa Tijjaniyya.

According to him, unity of followers was paramount and he enjoined adherents to dedicate themselves in true worship, foster increased brotherhood and love among them.

Nyass further urged the followers to be law abiding citizens, shun any form of restiveness and to preach peaceful coexistence among all humans.

Also speaking, Sheikh Ibrahim Dahiru-Bauchi, the son of popular Islamic scholar, Sheikh Dahiru Usama-Bauchi, described the circulation of purported appointment of former Emir of Kano, Sanusi II action of mischievous makers.

Dahiru-Bauchi said Dhariqa Tijjaniyya was based on knowledge and scholastic pursuits, rooted with extant adherence to stipulated guidelines and obedience to Allah and those in charge of Dhariqa affairs.

He explained that the younger brother of grand leader, Sheikh Makey Nyass, was quoted out of context as he referred Emir Sanusi II as following the footsteps of his late grand father, late Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi I.

He explained that Makey Nyass was describing the life experiences relating to activities where late Sanusi I was deposed as Emir and present Sanusi II experienced same fate.

Members of the Islamic sect had gathered in Sokoto from March 11th to March 13th 2021, to celebrate the posthumous anniversary of its late reformer, Shehu Ibrahim Nyass, where members of the global faith-based sect, Dhariqa Tijjianiyya, have among other lectures embarked on prayers against activities of bandits and other outlawed gangs threatening the peace and security of the country.

Sanusi’s grandfather, who was also Emir of Kano, Muhammadu Sanusi I, was the first leader of the sect in Nigeria.

After his death, the sect broke into two factions following the selection of Isiyaka Rabiu as his successor. The other faction rallied behind Dahiru Bauchi and stuck to its different ways until Rabiu’s death.

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On Friday, members and leaders of the two factions met in Sokoto and selected Sanusi as the group’s new leader. Bauchi was among top leaders of the sect in Nigeria at the event.

Sanusi addressing a crowd of faithful in Sokoto State

A member, Ahmed Almustapha, said members were happy with Sanusi’s selection.

“This is a welcome development, we all accept the selection of Sanusi as the new leader of Tijjaniya. With him, the sect will be united again.

“Sanusi is well educated both in Islamic and western education. His leadership will make the sect stronger and with unity among us,” Almustapha said.