South will be more secure if regions work together says Kanu


Leader of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Mazi Nnamdi Kanu, has said the South will be more secure if the regions work together.

“There is need now, more than ever, for the emergence of an equally vibrant youthful leader from the Middle Belt as we now have in Yorubaland. Our promise remains that no indigenous tribe or ethnic group in Nigeria will be left behind if we work in tandem…,” Kanu said.

Reacting to Friday’s alleged clash between Army and the ESN at Okporo, Orlu in Imo State, Kanu said the security outfit meant well for Igboland and wondered why security agencies are after them.

The IPOB leader, in a statement by the group’s spokesman Emma Powerful, said the Eastern Security Network (ESN) only operates in the bushes and are determined to secure the Southeast forests from criminals.

“Nobody has ever seen ESN along the road or street but anyone looking for us must come inside the bush, not the streets.

“We are warning those looking for our men to steer clear because we are determined to protect our bushes and forests throughout Biafraland against the foreign invaders,” Kanu said.

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He expressed gladness that Nigerians have realized their “common enemy”, which he said included those determined to “forcibly take over our ancestral lands”.

Kanu said: “It gladdens my heart that all Nigerians, especially those blinded by political patronage, have realized that all peoples and ethnic nationalities indigenous to ‘Nigeria’ have one common enemy: a band of rapists and murderers assembled from across the country to forcibly take over our ancestral lands in the name of keeping Nigeria one and promise of Southern Presidency in 2023.”