SAD: Soldier kills sister of Lady who wanted neighbour beaten


A sudden trick of fate greeted Seaside Estate in Badore, Ajah area of Lagos State following the death of a lady who was killed by a soldier hired by her sister to allegedly beat up her neighbour.

Eyewitnesses said the deceased and her sister identified as Kamsi had a heated argument with their neighbour, a young man who confronted them for trying to move out of their apartment without settling their pending bills.

Kamsi allegedly called in a soldier to deal with the neighbour who insisted they must settle their pending bill. A tussle between the soldier who is unknown and the neighbour led to an accidental discharge of two bullets, which went straight into the body of the deceased, killing her instantly.

Though the Unknown Soldier escaped from the scene of the incident before the arrival of policemen who were called by other residents, Kamsi and her unnamed male neighbour were whisked away from the scene by the police.

In the footage, residents could be seen panicking and lamenting over the unfortunate incident while the lifeless body of the lady could also be seen on the floor.