Parents, teachers of abducted Niger students cries for help


Parents of kidnapped students of an Islamic school in Nigeria’s Niger state are again pleading with authorities to step up efforts to save tens of students abducted by gunmen.

In the latest school kidnapping to hit northern Nigeria, at least 136 students were seized on Sunday from Salihu Tanko Islamic School in the town of Tegina.

One of the parents of the student Hadiza Hashim who had five children in the school told ARISE News on Friday when the parents featured on The Morning Show that she witnessed the kidnap of the children as her house is also situated in the school.

According to her, five of her children were initially kidnapped, but two of them aged 2 and 4 were among the 11 that were released because they could not walk.

She also expressed displeasure at how the Niger state government has handled the incident noting that the released children are still being terrified.

On his part,  Abubakar Alhassan, the head teacher of an Islamiyya school who broke down in tears while narrating his ordeal on Friday, said two parents of the abducted children have died of heart attack in the past two days due to the unfortunate event.

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One person was reportedly shot dead while another was critically injured when gunmen abducted over 200 pupils from the Islamiyya School on Sunday.

The head teacher, who was inconsolable, said no government official has been to the school to sympathize with the parents and management of the school.

He said, “All eyes are on me as the headteacher. I have witnessed the funeral prayer of one of the parents, very close to the school. She died. She has one child in the school. She was not around when the incident happened. When she came back, they told her that this was what happened and within 10 to 30 minutes, she fainted and that is the end of her. She died, that was the day before yesterday (Wednesday).

“One day after the incident happened, another parent, a woman died because she had two children. She sent one to the town. When she heard about the abduction, she died from heart attack.”

“Are we not Nigerians that the government cannot intervene in this issue?

“No sympathy at all. None of the government officials extends sympathy to us. Are we animals? No, we are Nigerians,” Alhassan added.

The teary-eyed headteacher also said the bandits called him last night and increased the ransom for the abducted pupils from N110m to N200m.

Parents and Teachers of Abducted Children Abducted in Niger Cry Out for Help