#OccupyLekkiTollGate: Our ordeal in Police net by Mr. Macaroni


Comedian, Debo Adebayo aka Mr. Macaroni, who participated in the Saturday #OccupyLekkiTollGate protest against reopening of Lekki tollgate, has narrated his experience while in police custody.

In a video, which he posted on his official social media platforms, Mr. Macaroni policemen told him that they would be shot and nothing would happen.

According to him, “The only reason I went there is because I knew people would be there and in good conscience, I don’t know… But I knew people would die. I saw it, and I can confirm it that if words did not get out, people would have died because nobody would have known where anybody was or who picked up who.

“The country’s current situation is a ‘deep shit’. Everyone is scared for their lives. When we were picked up, we were taken to Adeniji (Adele Police Station on Lagos Island). We were beaten and stripped naked.”

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“If word was not out that people were already being arrested, people would have died clean and clear. They were telling us that they would shoot us and nothing would happen,” he added.

See video: