Landlord in severe pain after Tenant left


A tenant has left a British landlord identified as Daniel Needes in distraught after leaving the house in total wreck.

Daniel who shared photos of his dilapidated home wondered why anyone would be so ungrateful.

Daniel explained his late dad had even fitted the home with new appliances. The homeowner said the tenants moved out without giving him any notice.

According to DailyMail, the landlord rented out the house to his former tenants two years back

He insisted when he rented out the house it was in good condition and it had just been redesigned by his late father.

He explained he only found out about the state of the house after they moved out. The occupants left holes in the walls and trash on the floor.

“I went down to the house as soon as I could and that is when I saw what they had done. To be honest, when I first saw it I nearly cried. They had completely trashed it,” Daniel cried out.