Don’t Bail People You Don’t Know Very Well, FIDA Warns Women


The Chair Person of International Federation of Women Lawyers, (FIDA) Abuja chapter, Mrs Racheal Adejoh has urged Nigerians and women in particular not to bail people they are not very familiar with saying that anyone who commits crime once can repeat it over and over again.

Adejoh, stated this in Mabushi district of Abuja while addressing women in a bid to sensitise them in the Administration of the Criminal Justice Act (ACJA) 2015.

The ACJA which was passed into law since 2015 and effective in Abuja, allows women to give evidence in court, bail someone in detention, bars male police officers from searching females, bars security personnel from arresting relatives in lieu of a suspect amongst others.

She further said the aim of the sensitisation is to bring the law closer to the people and to give them the law in a language they can understand and also interpret it to them so that they can take advantage of the provisions of the law.

“We are not unmindful that it is not everybody that is aware of the provisions of this act particularly people who are in the indigenous communities, that is why we are trying to make the provision. We want everybody to be aware of the provision of the law. There is no better way to do it than to come to where the indigenes are. What we have done in FIDA is to simplify the act in languages that indigenous communities can understand.

“Step by step, we intend to go to these communities to bring these laws closer to everybody but ofcourse you will understand that it is not go to all the communities that is why we have a simplified act. We have made it into a booklet form so we distribute to people” the chair person added.

She urged the women who are now aware of the provision of this law to be their ambassador and sensitise others who are not in the know at the moment.

“There has been a strong acceptance and the people are very happy. When you tell them about the fact that a woman can stand suretie as for bail, they are so excited about it because they didnt know about it. When you tell them about the fact that it is only a police woman that should search a woman, they are excited about it and one innovation in that act which is that when you come to arrest someone and if the person is not available, you have no right to arrest another person, a father a brother a sister because the suspect is not around in lieu of another person, is the one that excites the women most” she said.