19-year-old serial killer escapes Police custody


A 19-year-old suspected serial killer, Sunday Shodipe in Akinyele area of Oyo state has escaped police custody nearly a month after his arrest.

The police had arrested and paraded Shodipe alongside two others on July 17 for the killing of six female victims, including a pregnant woman. Shodipe during his parade confessed to the crime.

The police has confirmed that the prime suspect escaped custody on August 11.

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A statement by the police public relations officer SP Fadeyi Olugbenga warned residents to look out for Shodipe, “arrest and immediately inform the command when sighted for immediate handing over for further action.”

Olugbenga, appealed for anyone with credible information “as to the where about of the assailant not to hesitate in passing same to the Oyo State Police Command to assist in the apprehension of the offender who is now at large.”

It would be recalled that Sunday Shodipe had confessed that he worked for one herbalist, Adedokun Ajani and had no idea why he killed but was sent on the missions in return for N500 and a meal each time.

He revealed Ajani helped with incantations and gave him instructions how to kill his victims.

He would locate a victim, hit them with a shovel and while they lay in a pool of blood, he would incant, walk around the body three times and then turn his back to it for five minutes with his eyes closed and then leave the scene.

He said he was never afraid of being caught because Ajani told him nobody would come around within the period.

The herbalist, 50-year-old Ajani, denied knowing him.