Top Jeweller Martha Najoma Celebrates At 57


If there is one thing popular city jeweller, Martha Najoma, enjoys, it is the celebration of her birthday.
Little wonder, last Sunday didn’t go without some celebration  as the beautiful woman profusely expressed her gratitude to God for making her attain the age of 57 in a blaze of glory.
Though it was a low-key affair, many of her friends went to her palatial residence to celebrate with her.
The stylish and beautiful woman showed her sense of hospitality as her friends who joined her in the celebrations had so much to eat and drink on the occasion.
The CEO of Seraphina Gems, Martha is unarguably one of the biggest jewellny sellers in Nigeria. She is everything you would wish to be in life.  Providence, no doubt, has literally lavished its favour on her.But success, greatness and fame were never thrust on her laps on a platter of gold. She actually worked hard for it.
The beautiful woman who is married to Captain Chris Najomo had the picture of how rich she wanted to be in her head, but was slightly unsure of how to actualise it, until she started her jewelry business way back in the university.
Today, her clientele includes First Ladies, Senators, high-net-worth women as well as high-flying socialites.