Billionaire and Philanthropist Olu


One of the most overused proverbs in the Nigerian dialectical ensemble is that all fingers are not equal. This is used so often it is akin to a proverb for proverbs. But the general idea is that people are not the same. Or rather, wealth is not distributed equally across individuals of the same age group or some other shared characteristics.
But wealth is really the guilty and yet unfeeling party in this tale. Although a significant chunk of the affluent class basically attracted wealth to themselves through sheer business gravitas, wealth seems to reside permanently with these folks alone and none other. So fingers remain unequal.
Sir Olu Okeowo is one of those fingers. In fact, he is the superlative of fingers sitting astride an ensemble. Sir Okeowo is the model mogul and wears the signature paraphernalia of Nigerian moguls: a fancy title to a lyrical tribal name, a clean face without Hagrid-type beard or a moustache that frames the lips like a new wife with standing akimbo, and a head sporting an even distribution of grey hairs (as if to say wisdom has taken permanent residence here).
There’s also the archetypal squatting flock of houses and fleets of fast cars, all of which testify to the truth that much money makes one a passionate connoisseur. But, Sir Okeowo is distinguished in one respect and that is that the people love him. And that is because he is a generous and philanthropic uptown guy.
More than every other thing about Sir Okeowo, his charity and largesse are what truly stand out. In fact, people who know him and have eaten more than the crumbs from underneath his table would have him depicted as an atypical Yoruba chief in a large multipocketed agbada, filling this one’s hands with new grains of millet and that one’s bowl with a multiplicity of cowries.
Recently, Sir Olu Okeowo was recognized for his philanthropic ways – no matter how much he tries to avoid such accolades. This time, he could not hide away from the attention and recognition of the Grand Patron of the Association of Radiographers of Nigeria at its 51st Annual Conference and Scientific Workshop where he was awarded for his immense contributions.
Good deeds are a fragrant scent and Sir Olu Okeowo stinks to the highest heavens with them.