How to boost sperm count, get bigger Testicles with Fish Oil


In a recent study by researchers from the University of Southern Denmark, they have discovered that Fish oil supplements could make men’s testicles bigger and boost their sperm count as reported by Daily Mail.

Men who took the pills, which contain omega-3 fatty acids, were found to have testicles 1.5ml larger and to ejaculate 0.64ml more sperm, on average.

The men, who had an average age of 18, were included as regular supplement-takers if they had consumed fish oil for at least 60 out of the past 90 days.

Larger testicles and more sperm creation is linked to higher testosterone levels and better fertility, although the study did not test how fertile the men were.

The experiment was described by scientists as ‘well-conducted’ and ‘insightful’ but it was clear that it did not prove fish oil makes men more fertile.

In Denmark military service is mandatory for all healthy men over the age of 18, so the men in the study were not yet soldiers.

Each of the men were screened for STIs, had physical exams, gave sperm samples and then answered questions about their diets and lifestyles.

If someone was considered a regular fish oil supplement user, the research found, they produced millions more sperm in an average ejaculation.

The scientists found that 12.4 percent of the men who took fish oil supplements (12 out of 98) had sperm counts below the WHO’s measure.

This compared to 17.2 percent (192 out of 1,125) men who took no supplements.

And the longer someone had been taking supplements for, the more sperm they were likely to produce.

The researchers added that, based on a model fit and healthy 19-year-old:

‘Total sperm count was 147million for men with no supplement intake, 159million for men with other supplement intake, 168million for men with fish oil supplement intake on fewer than 60 days, and 184million for men with fish oil supplement intake on 60 or more days.’

The study did not give exact measurements for men’s testicle volume or sperm volumes, they only compared the two groups.

And the scientists could not explain why, if it was true, the fish oil improved sperm quality.