5 Skin Acids You Should Try And Its Benefits


Oh, skincare regimens keep evolving on a daily! And for some who aren’t keen on adding to their already tight routines, understanding what each product does to the skin is definitely the least of their priorities.

But asides from the above reality, many people just believe that any talk involving “Acids” automatically means it is harmful to one’s wellbeing. But, contrary to this, skin acids are now a “thing” and knowing how each one benefits the skin is very important.

Highlighted below are the most common skin acids to take note of when looking at the ingredients of that body or face lotion:

Citric Acid

Citric acid is an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA; a group of plant and animal-derived acids used in a variety of skincare products.) that is derived from citrus fruits, hence the name. It’s an antioxidant-rich acid that is mild on the skin and good for preventing premature aging. It’s also suitable for acne-prone or sun-damaged skin because it exfoliates to brighten brown spots.

Ascorbic acid

Compared to Citric Acid, Ascorbic acid is a synthetic version of vitamin C that has antioxidant benefits. It’s a good option for those looking for brighter skin and to stimulate collagen production. However, the ascorbic acid is said to become unstable once the container is open, meaning it will lose its potency over time.

Lactic Acid

This is a key ingredient to remember for sensitive skin types. The acid exfoliates and softens fine lines and wrinkles, but in a less irritating way than other acids.

Salicylic Acid

Even skin care novices would probably have heard of salicylic acid. It’s the hero acid for those with acne-prone skin because it penetrates pores to reduce sebum.  What’s more, it can remove discoloration and improve an uneven skin tone.