World’s Fattest Boy Loses 30 stone Weight


A 13-year-old boy, Arya Permana from West Java, Indonesia dubbed the world’s fattest boy has undergone an incredible transformation after he underwent a weight loss.

Arya weighed a normal 7lb when he was born, but his weight exploded by the age of two. He continued to balloon as he got older and his parents appealed for help from doctors after becoming concerned by his appetite.

Arya made headlines in 2016 after weighing 30 stone but fast-forward to some years later and he has lost 17 stone of the weight.

It is gathered that he trained for almost three years under the guidance of Indonesian bodybuilder Ade Rai and a team of health professionals.

Sharing the transformation to his over 350,000 followers on Instagram, he is being hailed as an inspiration. He shared a video in which he is seen working out with his personal trainer to perform squats and lift weights.

The video also sees him transforming from a tired-looking boy with rolls of fat to a determined teen with defined muscles. His weight loss is not only thanks to exercise as he is also said to accompany the training with a healthy diet and medical treatment.

Speaking about his son’s weight loss, Ade Somantri who is Arya’s father said:

“Arya managed to lose weight through bariatric surgery, diet and regular exercise. For me, they are all good and supportive of each other.”

His mother, 40-year-old Rokayah Somantri said:

“We are very happy to see him leading a healthy life — he is very active and in good health. His sleep is sound and there is no more worry about respiratory problems. He can also walk and play without complaining of shortness of breath.”

Rokayah added:

“He was always tired and complained of shortness of breath — there is no other pain than seeing one’s own child suffering. No mother wants to stop feeding her children, but I had to as I was helpless.”

In order to fight the flab after his dramatic weight loss, Arya will undergo surgery later this year to remove excess skin. He underwent surgery in April last year to help with the weight loss.

His parents believe he might need another operation. His 50=year-old father said:

“He cannot eat a lot after the surgery and he can only eat four tablespoons of rice and drinks diet milk — if he eats extra, he throws up. He is not allowed to eat sugar and carbs — we are very happy that he is energetic and can play football and badminton. He walks and runs for two kilometres (1.25 miles) a day but he might require another round of surgery this year.”

The teenager was once so obese he was unable to move from his bed. When he was still overweight, he ate five times a day and was so large he couldn’t walk or play with his friends. His inability to get to school meant he spent his days playing on his phone or sitting in a tiny pool to cool himself down.

Following his weight loss, he now walks to school, plays football and badminton with his pals and even runs for more than a mile every day.