UK, US Top List Of Nations That Masturbate The Most


For many African countries, openly admitting to masturbating is not very common for British adults, the reverse is the case as Brits top the list of nations with the biggest tossers in the world.

When it comes to self-pleasure, Britain beats the United States and Spain to number one spot while the two others take second and third place respectively.

Figures show that some 61 per cent of Brits masturbate — with one in ten doing it at least three times a week.

Brits were horniest in the summer. July was the peak with 19 sessions. There was an average of 14 in June and August but just three in

The evening is the most popular, said the poll of men and women by sex toy maker Tenga.

Americans come in next with 60 per cent of adults admitting to masturbating at least once a week.

Korea closes the list in ninth place with 43 per cent of adult tossers.

Check out the list below:

Tossers list

Sex writer and Radio One presenter Alix Fox said:

“Masturbating helps with your overall well-being, helping people unwind, improving their connection to their own bodies, assisting with peaceful sleep and raising their self-image.

“The increased recognition that masturbation can be a wonderful, healthy thing suggests we’re finally starting to reduce the stigma and shame associated with it.”