TV Personality, Nancy Isime launches show


In 2009 she won the Miss Valentine International beauty pageant, and began a career as an actress in the TV series Echoes in 2011.
She has since appeared in several films and is known for presenting some shows.
In a recent Instagram post, the multi talented TV girl chronicles her journey to fame, as she launches her new show.
She wrote: ” 10 years ago, I was just this teenager trying to be independent and navigate her way through life.
10 years ago, around this time, I had just started Ushering jobs and was so in love with leaving my dad’s house to work, it didn’t matter if I had to stand long hours, serve food, pack plates and even sometimes wash plates. So what?! I was making my own money and it felt SO good!
Today, 10 years after, I get to finally announce the Launch of my own TV Talk show, created and Executive produced by Me! Coming really soon to your favorite TV channels as well as YouTube.
God is the greatest! And I do not take his blessings for granted.
I’m also grateful for everyone of you who’ve cheered me on and believed in me.
I just want to be the best version of myself, to live life on my terms and to keep making you my supporters proud to be on my side.
The NANCY ISIME SHOW has been my dream for about 3years now and I can’t wait for you to see the magic that was created!!! I LOVE Challenges! And I’m super excited and ready to conquer this new phase of my life! “