Slained Gokada founder Fahim Saleh was worth £4.3million


Tech CEO and investor Fahim Saleh who was murdered and dismembered last year was worth $6 million when he died, according to court papers.

Saleh who founded Nigerian motorcycle ride-sharing company Gokada in 2018 was found dead in his luxury Manhattan, New York, apartment in July last year. His executive assistant Tyrese Haspil, who lives in Brooklyn, was later arrested before being charged with murder.

The 33-year-old Bangladeshi-born entrepreneur didn’t leave behind a will but he was worth around $6 million, according to papers filed in Manhattan Surrogate’s Court by one of his sisters, Rifayet Saleh.

The court papers noted that Saleh’s only debt was a $1.8 million mortgage on his $2.2 million East Houston Street seventh-floor apartment.

Since Saleh died without a will and had no wife or children, under New York law his money would go to his parents — Raihana Saleh and Saleh Uddin Ahmed.

Rifayet asked the court to be quickly appointed as the administrator of Saleh’s estate so that she can access funds to continue the operations of his businesses, the court papers said.

A judge was said to have allowed a sister, Rifayet Saleh, to collect $4 million from the estate, the court filings showed.

Saleh’s “parents and siblings desperately wish to preserve and cultivate the businesses in order to fulfill the decedent’s ambitions, which were cruelty and prematurely denied to him,” the court documents said.

A lawyer for the estate reportedly declined to comment.

Haspil is accused of using a Taser on Saleh and then fatally stabbing him. It has previously been reported that he was suspected of allegedly embezzling tens of thousands of dollars from Saleh.

Saleh’s torso was found near several large plastic bags containing his head and limbs that had been severed with an electric saw.

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According to US media reports at the time, the power saw was still plugged in when his body was found. Haspil reportedly pleaded not guilty to first-degree murder in October and his case is still pending.

Saleh was a Bangladeshi-American entrepreneur and computer programmer who founded Gokada, Pathao, and JoBike. Saleh was also a founding partner of Adventure Capital, a Manhattan-based venture capital firm.

On July 14, 2020, Saleh was found dead in his luxury apartment on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Police have said that he was killed the day before.