Sex Robot firm partners FBI over increasing requests for ‘childlike bots’


Michael Wilson, the part-owner of Realdoll has warned of a surge in the number of customers asking for ‘child bots’, and has teamed up with the FBI to catch them.

Wilson revealed that his firm regularly passes information from customer enquiries to the FBI.

Speaking to SexTechGuide, Wilson explained: “I actually have no problem saying this we have connections with, with the FBI.

“Actually, because we get a lot of people that want children dolls and things along those lines. I have mixed feelings on that.”

The dangers of childlike sex robots have been widely debated for years.

Realdoll does not currently make childlike sex robots, but Wilson claims he’s not completely against the idea.

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He explained: “If there was this, like, a study done that was 100% unequivocally for sure, 100%…. [that said] if we made child dolls, it would prevent and not open a door to more, but actually prevent any hurt coming to children.

“We had a researcher actually come in here and interview most of our staff for about a week asking a lot of questions for a paper that she was writing about sexual deviancy in regards to using dolls to replace or subvert those desires.

“And at the time, this was only a couple years ago, there wasn’t a lot of data to support that it would actually stop it. Actually, some data even pointed that it could increase those desires.”

However, if a customer currently requests a childlike sex doll through the Realdoll website, their request will be sent on to the FBI.

Wilson added: “Essentially we just have a contact that we send emails to with names and stuff like that in the event that that’s it.

“I mean, I’m guessing those people are already on a list because if there’s they’re sending you that email, they’re probably already looking at porn that’s questionable.”