Intrigues ahead of Edo polls as Ganduje vow to isolate Wike, PDP reacts


The Chairman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) National Campaign Council for Edo State Governorship Election, Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, has said the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has nothing to offer the Edo people other than to loot its treasury, hence their support for Godwin Obaseki.

Ganduje who doubles as the Governor of Kano State while speaking after the inauguration of the Edo Campaign Council promised to checkmate the Governor Nyesom Wike-led campaign council of the PDP saying “We know PDP made Wike their chairman. I assure you; we will isolate Wike in an isolation center and before he recovers, the election is over.”

The governor said the reasons for Obaseki’s defection are far from being noble and the people will ultimately decide who to pitch their tent with stating that the PDP accepted Obaseki because he (Obaseki) is in charge of Edo State’s treasury.

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The campaign council chairman vowed to humiliate the rigging machine of the PDP by ensuring victory for the APC. “We know the opposition is planning to rig the election, we know there are tactics, we know there are methodologies and we shall dismantle their tactics to ensure we win this election,” he said.

Ganduje, who described the Edo Governorship Election as a war, said with the calibre of “young and war veteran” in his campaign council, APC was ready to confront PDP head long.

“With the composition of this committee, we have war veterans in politics, and we have young people who are just coming out from election and are ready to go back into the processes of election again. And we have all the horses who never miss their targets.”

“The PDP decided to accommodate our former governor in Edo State not because they have anything in common, not because they share some feelings, but simply because he is managing the treasury of Edo State and they want him to use that treasury in order to win the election,” Ganduje said.

Ganduje said: “Edo State are watching; they know that somebody who was assisted in 2016 to win an election, somebody who was given every cooperation to succeed in the governance of Edo State without doing much for the people, at the end of it, he has taken the treasury and now handed it over to PDP in order to win the election. The people of Edo State will not accept this treachery.”

Meanwhile the PDP has describe the governor as a barefaced treasury looter, who has no moral rectitude to speak on corruption saying it is a huge irony for Governor Ganduje who was seen on viral video stuffing his robe with gratification in foreign currency, to accuse the PDP of corruption intentions in the Edo state governorship election.

The PDP in a communique said it is a paradox that an individual who has earned himself the disgraceful public sobriquet of “gandollar”, after being caught collecting gratification, would attempt to accuse others of having intention of looting the treasury of a state.

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The PDP further pointed out that it is only in a party like the APC, under a Buhari Presidency, that such a tarnished individual can be selected to speak in public, let alone lead a governorship election campaign.

“Apparently, Governor Ganduje and other APC leaders are so used to looting public treasuries that such is his first mental direction after his inauguration to lead the Edo governorship campaign.

“Governor Ganduje has further confirmed the real intention of the APC, which is to use their morally embattled candidate, Osagie Ize-Iyamu (of course, birds of the same feathers flock together) for their desperate effort to regain access to Edo state treasury, after Governor Godwin Obaseki liberated the state from the stranglehold of APC treasury-looting godfathers.

“Our party invites Governor Ganduje to note that there is no free dollars for him and other APC leaders to loot in Edo state.

“Under the PDP, the resources of Edo state, and indeed other PDP states, belong to the people and not to any political cabal and their godfathers.

“Of course, this is why the people of Edo state are solidly behind Governor Obaseki for firmly resisting APC looters.

“Moreover, Governor Ganduje, with his infamous “gandollar” video, is no match to the Chairman of the PDP National Campaign Council for the Edo election, Governor Nyesom Wike.

“Whereas Governor Wike is a highly respected, upright, honest, transparent, people-based and development-driven leader, who is firmly in touch with the people of Edo state and enjoys their confidence and trust, Governor Ganduje, on the other hand, represent a leadership that is fraught with dishonesty, corruption, non-performance and public shame.

“The PDP therefore counsels Governor Ganduje and the APC to quietly perish the thoughts of looting Edo state treasury like they are doing in APC controlled states, as the people of Edo state will humiliate them in the September 19 election,” the PDP’s communique stated in part.