Contractor seeks justice after car was set ablaze by Lagos Task Force


Contractor with  OK Foods Ltd, Joseph Isaac, whose vehicle was burnt after operatives of the Lagos State Environmental Monitoring Task Force swooped on and raided traders and commercial motorcycle operators at Toyota bus-stop along Oshodi-Apapa expressway is begging for justice.

The policemen had attempted to arrest some Okada riders who had stationed themselves at the cordoned off section of the road presently undergoing rehabilitation to pick up traders winding down the day’s activity at the Ladipo auto spare parts market when all hell was let loose.

Some riders resisted arrest and a crossfire began between the traders, passersby and the security operatives who were exchanging stones, bottles and sticks. In the ensuing melee, the policemen threw tear gas canisters to douse to tension when suddenly, one of the tear gas canisters directly hit a Toyota Camry car parked in front of the OK Foods premises. Upon impact, the tear gas broke the rear windscreen and exploded inside the car.

Owner of the vehicle with registration number: Lagos AGL 748 FN, Isaac, looking distraught, said all he wants from the state government and the police is justice. “I was inside doing some tax filing in the office when I heard noise outside. I came out and saw policemen shooting sporadically and people were running helter skelter to avoid been hit by stray bullet

“Many women got injured running for their lives. It was in the midst of that confusion that my car went up in flames. Because of the shooting, nobody was willing to come out and quench the fire until they saw the policemen flee the scene before people now came around to help me put out the fire. Incidentally, the tear gas canister was found in the back seat of the car.”

When the task force at Oshodi was contacted, an officer who pleaded for anonymity denied setting any car ablaze at Toyota bus-stop, saying “it is not true. Our men must have been under attack to warrant the use of tear gas.”