Biden calls-out Putin, says NY Governor to resign if guilty of sexual offences


President Joe Biden said he agrees with the assessment that his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin is a “killer.”

In an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos Biden said Putin will “pay a price” for allegedly trying to undermine Biden’s candidacy in the US 2020 election.

Asked if he thought Putin is “a killer,” Biden said, “I do.”

The United States’ chief intelligence office on Tuesday released an unclassified report on foreign meddling in the 2020 election that concluded Russian President Vladimir Putin oversaw sweeping efforts aimed at “denigrating” President Joe Biden’s candidacy.

Meanwhile, President Biden has said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, a powerful member of his Democratic party, should resign if accusations that he sexually harassed women are proven.

“Yes,” Biden told ABC News when asked if Cuomo should step down in those circumstances.

“I think he’ll probably end up being prosecuted, too,” Biden said.

These were Biden’s strongest remarks yet in the Cuomo scandal, although he once again stopped short of joining others — including Democrats — in calling for the governor’s immediate resignation.

Eight women have come forward since last month to denounce what they said were inappropriate words and gestures from Cuomo. One former employee said he slipped his hand under her blouse last year.

Cuomo denies sexual harassment and is refusing the calls to resign.

Cuomo has denied the allegations.

Biden has so far stopped short of backing an immediate end to Cuomo’s governorship.

“There should be an investigation to determine whether what she says is true,” Biden told Stephanopoulos during a wide-ranging interview in Darby, Pennsylvania. “That’s what’s going on now.”

Biden told Stephanopoulos he was surprised that COVID-19 vaccinations were still so politicized.

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“How do you get the politics out of this vaccine talk?” Stephanopoulos asked.

“I honest to God thought we had it out,” Biden said. “I honest to God thought that, once we guaranteed we had enough vaccine for everybody, things would start to calm down. Well, they have calmed down a great deal. But I don’t quite understand – you know – I just don’t understand this sort of macho thing about, ‘I’m not gonna get the vaccine. I have a right as an American, my freedom to not do it.’ Well, why don’t you be a patriot? Protect other people.”

Biden said getting vaccinated himself has let him to show Americans doing so is safe – and has changed his life “because I can hug my grandkids now.”

“They come over to the house,” the president said. “I can see them. I’m able to be with them.”