22-year-old Kano singer sentenced to death for blasphemy


The Kano Upper Shari’a Court has sentenced a 22-year-old Sharif Aminu to death by hanging for blasphemy against Prophet of Muhammad (pbuh).

In his ruling on Monday, the Shari’a court Khadi, Aliyu Muhammad Kani, found Sharif guilty of the one-count charge bordering on derogatory comment contained in one of his songs he circulated via WhatsApp in March 2020.

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Sharif, a resident of Sharifai quarters in Kano municipal, reported to belong to the Tijjaniya sect and is a member of Faidha group who “are known for their preference of Shaikh Ibrahim Nyass over Prophet Muhammad (SAW)”.

He had composed the song which went viral causing a serious uproar which resulted to the invasion of the Islamic singer’s house by the youths who attempted to set it ablaze.

However, the Dariqatul Tijjaniyya stated: “By what evidence was Faidah adjudged to place preference of Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass over the Holy Prophet? Sheikh llbrahim Nyass wrote more than 6,000 verses of praise for Prophet Muhammad.

“The Sheikh’s nujumul huda and the diwaninul sitta remain unparalleled in the eulogies of the Holy Prophet. To date, there is not a single person who praised the Holy Prophet as Sheikh Ibrahim Nyass did.”