2020 FIFA World Cup: Qatar, China, UN launches #SportsAgainstTerrorism Global Initiative


Representatives from international sporting federations and the private sector joined with ambassadors at UN Headquarters in New York  to launch a global programme aimed at safeguarding major sporting events from terrorism-related threats.

The global programme will develop guidelines to enhance international cooperation, and public-private partnerships, to make sporting events safer for athletes and the public.

According to a tweet on the official handle of the UN with hashtag #SportsAgainstTerrorism, “the programme aims at strengthening the protection of major sports events through enhanced international cooperation & promoting the values of sport to prevent violent extremism”.

The initiative is a step towards eliminating the deadly terrorist attacks on sports in recent times.

Representatives from the International Olympic Committee (IOC), various national Olympic committees, the international football association, FIFA, and private companies were among participants at the event.

Vladimir Voronkov, head of the UN Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT), speaking on the initiative said; “Protecting major sporting events entails multilevel cooperation and coordination, as well as complex security and policy arrangements. including securing locations, cyber security, crisis planning and management, (and) strategic communications.”

“Through our joint programme, we will focus on the exchange of information and best practices, and on sharing resources and facilitating partnerships,” Voronkov added.