Why J’Lo, Shakira were not paid for Super Bowl Halftime Show


Like Shakira’s hips, the numbers don’t lie. The duo of Shakira and Jennifer Lopez delivered an off the roof performance some few days ago for NFL’s Super Bowl Halftime Show.

If these women were to charge for their performances, there is no doubt that some millions of dollars will be in the offering hence why you will be surprised that the NFL didn’t pay them a dime.

Although the NFL didn’t pay the two superstars for their performances, not even all the hard work it took leading up to it, there are ways they compensated for it.

-Union scale fee-

According to Forbes, not paying performers of the halftime show is quite normal as NFL does offer a “union scale,” which is “a fraction of the six- and seven-figure sums” the artists usually earn on a regular basis.

-Production cost-

Also, in turn for not paying for the actual performance, the NFL takes on the responsibility of funding production costs, like the lights, stages, and outfits. The production cost could be as high as $10 million, which when considered is quite a large sum.

-Exposure and increased online streams-

Another way artists are rewarded for the stellar performances they deliver during the Super Bowl is the opportunity to increase their fan base as they reach millions of viewers that they may have not ordinarily reached before. And along with more exposure, the performers often see their music jump in popularity, which eventually translates to earning more money.

For instance, according to Spotify, JLO’s streams jumped by 335 percent and Shakira’s spiked by 230 percent after the Halftime Show. Even special guests Bad Bunny, J Balvin, and Demi Lovato, who sang the National Anthem, saw double-digit increases!

Justin Timberlake had a similar experience for his 2018 performance as he saw a 214 percent increase in Spotify streams.

The year before that, 2017 Super Bowl performer Lady Gaga’s album Joanne returned to the Billboard 200 chart following its released months earlier in October.

Putting all these into consideration, it is a win-win situation for all involved.

You can watch JLo and Shakira’s performance here.