Sugar Rush will return, says Producer


The producer of Nollywood blockbuster movie, Sugar Rush, Jade Osiberu has assured that the recently suspended movie by the National Film and Video Censor Board (NFVCB) will soon return to the cinemas.

The NFVCB suspended Sugar Rush from screening in Nigerian cinemas few days after the movie hit the cinemas on Christmas Day over expired approval for the movie’s exhibition.

The Executive Director of NFVCB, Adedayo Thomas had said in a statement that, “The movie has not just significantly increased box office revenues within a short period but has improved our cinematic culture which is the sine qua non for attracting the investment we so much desire as a nation.”

“I, however, take responsibility for the gap in communication and the delay in granting final approval as the temporary approval given for the movie exhibition expired before we could release an official statement due to my preoccupation with extant responsibilities and a backlog of movies requiring approval as a result of the December rush. I am currently working with the distributor, producer, director and key actors to grant final approval for the resumed exhibition at cinemas,” he said.

But in a recent reaction to the suspension, Jade Osiberu said, “If you followed my instastories over the past few months, you might have some insight into just how hard I worked on this film,” she wrote.

“I’m not alone. A cast and crew of over 100 people worked tirelessly for months to lovingly make this film that thousands of you have embraced, as imperfect as it is. I’m truly grateful for that.

“Despite being in cinemas at the same time as Hollywood films made with budgets that make ours look like chicken change (Star Wars – over 2000 times our budget, Jumanji – almost 500 times our budget), we were the number 1 film in Nigeria for the 2 weeks SR was in the cinemas. According to our distributor, our numbers were tracking just behind the highest grossing Nollywood film of all time before we were taken out of the cinemas, albeit temporarily.

“We’re staying positive and optimistic, but honestly, this is a big blow both mentally and financially. I’m grateful that everyone involved behind the scenes is trying to rectify this and I’m hopeful that we will be allowed back not too long from now, but like every young person in Nigeria trying to survive and thrive in a system as difficult as ours, this has been heartbreaking for me.”