Lucky Dube still alive in people’s minds, says PMAN President


Obi Casmir, President of Performing Musicians’ Association of Nigeria (PMAN), on Saturday, said that the late Lucky Dube, a popular South African reggae star, was still alive in the minds of the people.
Casmir spoke in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on the 12th anniversary of the late Dube, who was murdered on Oct. 18, 2007, in Rosttenville, South Africa, at the age of 43.
According to him, although Dube is dead, yet he lives on, as his albums, which is loved, embraced and played globally, have made reggae music real and relevant in the African continent.
“Dube’s reggae music was exceptional and message-driven. Even years after his death, it is still being played globally, which shows that he is still very much alive.
“Dube actually told people’s stories and sang their pains, irrespective of their colours, through his music and that distinguished him among his peers during his 26 years in the music industry.
“While he loved tweaking the nose of terror, he also made people believe that even though they were different, they were special, just the same which he preached in his lyrics,” he said.
The PMAN president, popularly known as Voombastic Uncle P, said that the late reggae star used his music to mend broken hearts and made humanity relevant amongst people, regardless of colour or race.
Casmir said he was delighted that people still remembered and celebrated the late “Rastafarian“ by playing his albums and creating forum for fans to reckon with his legacy.
“I am glad that Dube is being given such global recognition on radio and television stations as well as on social media every Oct. 18, which is the anniversary of his death,” he said.
NAN reports that the late Dube was a South African musician and the biggest sold reggae artist who recorded 22 albums in Zulu, English and Africa in the 25 years of his music career.