CDQ’s rants on Seyi Tinubu extreme, clout chasing says Source


The recent social media ranting of Nigeria’s indigenous hip-hop rapper Sodiq Abubakar Yusuf aka CDQ calling out Seyi Tinubu a son of Bola Tinubu, former Lagos State Governor and All Progressives Congress (APC) national leader for disrespecting him has been described as extreme and clout chasing.

CDQ had in a tweet disclosed that he was disrespected by Seyi Tinubu at the house of a popular musician known as David suspected to be Davido. He said although he was not from a rich family, he is a hustler from the slum and wouldn’t not let the matter slide.

“Seyi Tinubu I’m bouta compose an article for you about what you did to me last night @ David’s house”, he tweeted on Thursday.

“I might not be born with silver spoon like you but bruh I’m a fighter and a strong hustler that germinated from the slum to where I am today. I won’t take disrespect from anyone.” (sic).

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Meanwhile, a source close to both parties said the situation between the familiar two was a normal man-to-man conversation about focusing on one’s children’s education versus focusing on designer wears. Seyi was of the opinion that children’s education supersedes every other thing and that designer wears cannot be compared to educating children.

To buttress his point, Seyi took CDQ’s designer cap which incidentally was the only designer-ware around and dropped it on the ground stating that anybody can step on the cap without knowing it is a designer cap but that children’s education and wellbeing cannot and should not be trampled on.

The source however expressed shock over CDQ’s tweets on a manly discussion noting that the rapper didn’t raise any objection to the illustration and could have easily call Seyi to register his displeasure rather than going on twitter to air his anger.

Furthermore, the source claimed that while the intention of Seyi was not to disrespect or cause any harm to CDQ, the rapper took the issue which could have been easily resolved too far.

Others present at the scene has also express their disappointment over the incident stating that he is chasing clout or trend because of the fact that he knows he can get publicity using Seyi’s father political position not minding the fact that he has enjoyed the success that comes with his association with the son.

Findings shows CDQ had enjoyed many privileges that comes with his friendship with Seyi as his shows has at one time or the other been given prominence on Seyi’s billboard for free.

Seyi has also been said to have helped him with shows and many more in the past. He had always made himself available, only for him to now decide to take something that can be described as an in-house issue to the twitter.

Though CDQ has said he’s writing an article over Seyi, we can only wait to see what he’s going to write and how different it is going to be from what Seyi and people around him have said.