18+ VIDEO: Abuja driver jerks off beside female passenger


A driver attached to Bolt, one of the taxi operators in Nigeria has been caught masturbating in front of a female passenger in Abuja.

The passenger who posted the video on social media accused the driver simply identified as Jude through the Bolt mobile app of sexually assault.

In the video, she was heard saying to the driver “Don’t do that,” noting that “you have been touching me and now you want to jerk off in my front”

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The passenger while making the comment used her phone camera to record the moment when the driver brought out his penis and started masturbating.

However, the video has generated a lot of comments with some twitter users bashing the passenger for remaining in the car and not reacting to the assault. Others noted that if she had reacted, the driver might either knock her out, kidnap her, or cause an accident that’ll kill her.

See video: